E-challenge 2020

UGC NET Practice Test Series


This is a supplementary platform for providing practice tests to candidates who seriously pursue for the UGC JRF/NET (Economics) September 2020 examination. Ultimate success depends on the individual commitment, efforts and dedication.

  • Registration for the practice test is completely free.

  • Contact: economics@nirmalagiricollege.ac.in


  1. The test will be conducted using google classroom.

  2. To join google classroom all participants must have a valid google mail (Gmail) account.

  3. The name displayed in google account must be your official name. You can use this link to Change your Google Account name.

  4. Once you complete the registration, you will get the link to Join Google Classroom.

  5. The question papers are designed using google forms. All questions are compulsory.

  6. All participants can view the marks obtained and correct answers immediately after submitting the form.

  7. You can repeat the exams as many times as you want. (Try to score full mark for each exams)